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Busting Crypto Myths: “Crypto is just not actual since you can’t bodily maintain it”

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Humanity has lengthy relied on bodily foreign money as a medium for representing and transferring worth.

A number of the earliest examples of coinage date again many hundreds of years. The Mesopotamian shekel is extensively believed to be the oldest coin. Western Asian tribes first minted the shekel – that means “weight” – 5,000 years in the past. This instance of historic foreign money lengthy predates the development of the Egyptian pyramids and even the extinction of wooly mammoths.

Digital foreign money, by comparability, has a considerably shorter historical past and represents the primary time humanity has launched a purely non-physical foreign money. Due to this, quite a lot of misunderstands concerning the legitimacy of digital foreign money have been capable of unfold.

Let’s discover a number of the myths surrounding this latest of currencies.

What’s a digital foreign money?

Within the early eighties, American pc scientist David Chaum published a paper outlining the idea of a purely non-physical foreign money secured by cryptography. By 1990, he had launched the foreign money via his firm, DigiCash.

Referred to as eCash, it turned the world’s first type of digital foreign money that was pseudonymous, secured by cryptography, and never government-issued.

And it didn’t exist bodily.

A few of eCash’s greatest options, like anonymity and cryptographically secured funds, appeared in different tasks. These offshoots embody Adam Again’s Hashcash, Wei Dai’s B-Cash, and Nick Szabo’s Bit Gold.

Then, in 2008, a programmer utilizing the alias Satoshi Nakamato printed the Bitcoin white paper. It was a nine-page doc illustrating a brand new kind of cryptographically-secured digital cash that improved upon the foundations of its predecessors.

One yr later, Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin protocol, and gave life to the world’s first sensible digital foreign money.

What’s a digital foreign money?

Broadly talking, a digital foreign money is any kind of cash that’s solely non-physical. There are a number of parts that separate it from conventional currencies:

  • There aren’t any paper notes or metallic cash to symbolize its worth.
  • All models of digital foreign money exist as entries on a digital ledger.
  • Customers alternate of digital foreign money over the web utilizing computer systems and on-line programs.
  • Some types of decentralized digital currencies, reminiscent of Bitcoin, leverage cryptography to safe, partially anonymize, and confirm transactions. This decentralization removes the necessity for an middleman establishment.

Digital currencies shouldn’t be confused with fiat currencies and on-line banking. Whereas these legacy currencies additionally use on-line programs, digital balances of fiat currencies could be exchanged for his or her bodily counterparts. For actual digital currencies like bitcoin, particular person “financial notes” can’t be withdrawn for any bodily models. The foreign money exists as a purely digital financial system.

Is cryptocurrency actual?

Let’s do a fast thought experiment. This thought experiment poses two totally different questions: Can one thing intangible be actual? And, how can one thing that’s intangible have worth?


First, let’s perceive whether or not one thing could be intangible and actual. We will deal with this query simply. Sure, like many digital issues, cryptocurrency could be each intangible and actual. To know how, let’s have a look at the web.

The web has been round since 1983 and represents an unlimited computing community that permits folks all around the world to speak and share data. Statista reported greater than 5 billion folks use the web as of April 2022 — over 60% of the world’s inhabitants. Knowledge from Internet Live Stats states there are over 1.5 billion web sites on-line, 200 million of that are thought-about lively.

Nobody would query whether or not the web is actual or not. The truth is, we take into account it one of many best innovations of all time. But it isn’t a spot that you would be able to go to, nor are you able to maintain the web in your hand. It exists as an intangible digital useful resource.

Cryptocurrencies share most of the similar qualities because the web. Just like the web, they function on networks of interconnected computer systems. A variety of functions are constructed on prime of cryptocurrencies and hundreds of thousands of individuals world wide use them to do wonderful issues. Just like the web, cryptocurrencies haven’t any bodily illustration. There isn’t any field that holds the web simply as there isn’t any pockets that holds your bitcoin. Even hardware wallets retailer digital representations of your property and don’t act as tender.


Subsequent, let’s take into account the rules of worth concept. This concept seeks to interpret the subjective method people attribute worth to issues. There are two important methods during which one thing can have worth: intrinsically or instrumentally.

If one thing is effective intrinsically, then it refers to one thing that has worth for merely being what it’s. Gold and silver, for instance, are intrinsically beneficial objects, no less than in our present context. Conversely,  instrumental worth refers to one thing that positive aspects worth via its utility.

Gold, for instance, is each intrinsically beneficial due to its aesthetic attraction and earthly shortage. It is usually instrumentally beneficial due to its bodily properties: malleability, chemical inertness, warmth, and electrical conductivity, and so forth.

Many cryptocurrencies will also be mentioned to have each intrinsic and instrumental worth. Bitcoin, as a number one instance, has a very scarce most provide of 21 million and requires an quantity of effort to provide. Intrinsically, these elements make it fascinating. We present this worth by the truth that hundreds of thousands of traders purchase and promote it all around the world.

From an instrumental standpoint, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have many inherent options that result in its worth. As a store of value, it’s considerably extra transportable, counterfeit-resistant, and divisible than gold. As a method of cross-border payment, it’s a a lot sooner and cheaper method of transferring worth abroad than utilizing conventional banking strategies.

Different options of cryptocurrency embody partial anonymity, full community transparency, immunity to single factors of failure, world inclusivity, and monetary self-sovereignty.

In the end, the issue dealing with cryptocurrency is just not the truth that you can not maintain it. As a substitute, the issue is that many take into account the know-how to be immature and complicated.

Cryptocurrency is the primary cash humankind has used that isn’t like what we’ve used for five,000 years. It’s a brand new, thrilling frontier that’s each highly effective and purely digital. The ushering in of a brand new monetary frontier, like several momentous change to the best way folks do issues, will take time.

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